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Roof Cleaning

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All around America, there are a lot of pressure washing services scattered, and for great purpose too. One of these services specialize in roof cleaning.

Most people have problems with their rooftops, especially the dirt problem. It is difficult to inspect roofs since you can’t see it right away. Sometimes, the dirt gets stuck in between the tiles. People will only notice that there’s a problem when there is already visible damage such as leaks. The grime that can pile up overtime can cause all those troublesome cracking and dislodging. Even mold, algae and mildew could be the cause of those hazards.



Roof Cleaning in your area


That is why, roof cleaning and maintaining it regularly is a must. But, sad to say, cleaning a roof is not that easy. That’s because:

  1. Balancing yourself on the roof is… let’s say it’s a scary experience. You’ll be handling with water and slippery soap, along with lots of scrubbing. There’s a chance that you might have cleaned your roof, afterwards, you just end up with broken bones.
  2. The tools for roof cleaning are expensive. You’ll need a pressure washer, cleaning solution, a garden hose, lots of water and soap.
  3. You can’t just DIY it. It’s going to be a lot of work and working alone is not the best idea.
  4. You have to inspect each and every tile for any dirt that’s stuck, and get rid of all of them—meaning there should be no speck of debris left. Not only time-consuming, it’s also a pain.

Enough reasons to conclude that roof cleaning is quite the tacky quest. However, it, of course, has its payoffs.

As referenced above, your tiles can get damaged or get cracked because of the dust and grime stuck in between them. If you clean your roofs, this avoids the risk of leaking, tile dislodging and falling, and water damage.

The color of your rooftop fading can also be caused by the layers of dust coating the roof. Cleaning your roof can restore its original look, making it seem like it is brand new again. Therefore, it would look more pleasing and attractive. It is sure to give you good impressions from visitors.



Why Hire Us?


Want to clean your roof, but a little hesitant because of all the work? A roof cleaning service is the answer. There are many reasons why a roof cleaning service are the miracle you’re waiting for. 

  1. They manage all of the work load. You can do something else while they can get rid of all the dirt on your roof.
  2. You’re safe from falling from a roof.
  3. You don’t have to worry about damaging your roof’s tiles. Just leave it to the professionals!
  4. Their price that starts from 200 dollars is a great deal, work and tools considered.
  5. You don’t have to buy the tools since services are complete with the necessary tools.
  6. They are pros at this. They can move quicker than you and get the job done in a matter of minutes.


Our Power Washing Protocol


Since or company has been serving for several years now, we have already a power washing deck cleaning procedure that would guarantee quick and efficient results. Combine this with a team of professionals, then you can expect high-quality services and a 100% satisfaction rate from us! In fact, here is our cleaning protocol for decks:

  • Clear the landscape of debris and furniture that can be damages
  • Prepare your cleaning supplies
  • Set the power washer at the right pressure and use the right nozzle
  • Lightly clean the surface with water
  • Clean the surface one section at a time
  • Continue until the entire surface is clean
  • Rinse away the soap
  • Drain the excess water properly
  • Apply primers or protective coating, depending on the surface
  • Clean up and finish


We Offer Other Power Washing Services


Other than power washing decks, we also offer other services for residential pressure washing, such as:

  • Vinyl Sidings Power Washing
  • Roof Wash
  • House Power Washing
  • Fence Power Washing
  • Driveway Pressure Washer
  • And Many More!

Be sure to stay up-to-date with our website, because we always add new services and promos to better accommodate our clients!


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Pressure Washer Tallahassee provides pressure washing services in many places throughout Tallahassee. Simply type “roof cleaning near me”, and you would immediately see our website as the top result. To know more about us, simply call us or check our contact page here for a free quote on our service, or you can check service page here. Our team would be happy to assist you from there.