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Thickened grime? Dirty furniture? Mildew colonies on your walls? How about your driveways and concrete? Are they dark with stain? Yeah, we know how that feels. Annoying as they are, these are all common problems one would experience now and then, especially if they we a building we call our own. Well, what if we told you those days of tirelessly scrubbing are already over?

Pressure cleaning is the future of cleaning, something Pressure Washing Garland are proud to present. We’re the experts, and we’re happy to offer you, fellow Floridans, the best pressure washing company in the City of Tallahassee! All you need to do is tell us, and we’ll be on our way.


1. Pressure Washing

Power Wash House

Can we all agree that a soap and bubbly water is super outdated? It’s time to set that bucket aside in place of pressure washing! It’s quite similar to power washing—both utilizing a pressure washing machine and, of course, pressurized water—but pressure washing isn’t heated.

Pressure washing can clean large surfaces quickly, and efficiently. No grime, dust, or mud will last under the great amount of pressure this cleaning method delivers!

We use it a lot when cleaning the façades of commercial and residential buildings. It can also remove tough dirt and mud off your fences, stairs, and vehicles. Oh, and if you’re tired of that mold colony on your wall, that will go too.

But don’t let your guard down if you try this on your own. The high pressures of water can damage your property if mishandled. Injuries can also arise from the misuse of a pressure washing machine, and it can get very messy. 1500 PSI is enough to damage your own skin, and a pressure washing machine can deliver up to 3000!

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2. Power Washing

power washing deck

If you need something more heavy-duty—as this method is known to be—then try power washing. If the stains and dirt aren’t coming off, power washing will bring the beating that will take them out!

The heated power washing utilizes adds an extra punch to the water, making it all the more powerful!

It can get rid of tougher mud, and wash away stains on your limestone and concrete. It’ll get rid of mildew and mold colonies too, and prevent them from coming back in the near future!

So long as you’re cleaning surfaces that can withstand so much pressure, then you’ll be set with power washing.

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3. Driveway Cleaning

Commercial power washer

There’s an argument to be made that the driveway is the dirtiest place in a home. When tires carrying dirt from all over the city roll on it almost every day, it’s definitely gonna’ get dirty.

Due to this, your driveway often adapts a black-ish color, and it is no easy feat to clean up a blackened driveway.

If you’re experiencing this problem right now, then don’t worry! Pressure Washing Tallahassee has got you covered! Hire us and we’ll get that driveway of yours free of dirt stains in no time!

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4. Concrete Cleaning

Power Washing

Another thing that easily gets dirty is limestone and concrete. It’s beautiful, but it’s a net catching all of nature’s impurities, especially when located outside. And cleaning concrete is NOT easy, especially when you’re doing it manually.

You want to get that concrete cleaned? Call Pressure Washing Tallahassee! With our state-of-the-art cleaning methods, we’ll be restoring your concrete back to its original colors.

Not only that, but frequent cleaning of concrete surfaces also guarantees an extended lifespan.

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