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Driveways are hard to maintain. Sure, you do want to maintain it. Make it look clean all the time, however, the main reason why it’s hard to maintain is that it’s exhausting work. Driveways are one of the places that are prone to accumulating dirt and dust.

Also, stains? Mold, moss problem? Discoloration of the concrete?

They take a toll on the eyes of a homeowner. Driveways are out in the open and it takes a quite an amount of space. This is why it is really noticeable, and imagine seeing all those nasty things on your concrete? Not to mention, the dirt that is brought by the tires of the cars?

A big no-no.



Driveway Cleaning in Tallahassee


Of course, a clean and spotless driveway is a treat to any homeowner’s eye. It takes up a great part of the first impression of visitors, and it can also be the basis of whether or not your exterior looks prim and neat. Attractiveness is a valuable trait, after all.

The concrete that are used to make driveways are full of pores, or porous. This means that the concrete has small holes that can house moisture in. This is why stains exist and they can be hard to remove. Stains are the spots of darker color on concrete and it doesn’t go away immediately. The texture of the concrete also helps in cultivating organic elements like moss and algae.



Got a dirty driveway you can’t fix by yourself?


Then, how about getting a driveway pressure washing service? They wash your driveway clean professionally and effectively, removing all that dirt and dust will be cleaned with a pressure washer.

Never tried a pressure washing service for your driveway and want to give it a go? Here are the reasons why you definitely should:

  • It saves your money and time. The work will be handled by professionals and they will also cover the materials they will need. This will save your money and time searching for your own pressure washer. Also, they can finish the work in no time.
  • You don’t have to worry about damaging your concrete because services are done by licensed people.
  • They will do all the hard work for you and for a fair price– 200 dollars.

Here’s the general process:

  1. They wet the concrete with water and allow it to dry. Any nearby vegetation and plants will, likewise, be wet with water. They also test the surface compatibility in areas that they think are damaged.
  2. They cover the stains with absorbent materials like baking soda. To restore the light color of concrete, services use a bleach solution. In most cases, services go for environmental-friendly cleaning solutions that can clean just as good as a chemical-induced one.
  3. Now that the driveway is covered with the cleaning solution, it will be left for a good five to seven minutes. The solution should not dry up, though.
  4. The driveway is washed with water afterwards at high pressure with the plants surrounding the driveway.


pressure washing service


Cleaning your driveway is a great investment for your home, all things considered. With the multiple benefits, it is no surprise that many opt for one.

Ready to clean your driveway? Give power washing services a go.

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