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Commercial power washer

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A good ol’ power washing session done by expert commercial power washer is a great choice for cleaning all kinds of materials. Wood, metal and even glass, power washing is useful in one way or another.

People often have trouble with dirty parts of their houses. Whether the grime is stacked up that cleaning it is difficult or they don’t have time or the resources to get it cleaned. To which, many would resort to hiring a service. A power washing service is one of them.


There are many benefits of power washing:


  1. It reduces the risk of damage significantly. Most damages are caused by the dirt that piles up and it also sanitizes the are you cleaned. It will be safer for you and your family.
  2. There are parts of your house can really be a pain to clean. Power washers can do it quickly and effortlessly.
  3. It is a great investment that preserves your house.
  4. It can also restore the original look of a house and make it seem brand new.
  5. Not only is it time-saving, it also saves your money.

Before we get to how power washing services operate, you might need to understand a few terms.



cleaning methods


Power washing is one of the three cleaning methods that make use of a pressure washer. If you’re familiar with how power washing works, pressure washers should be familiar. A pressure washer is a tool that sprays out water at a given angle.

The three methods are pressure washing, soft washing and power washing.

Pressure Washing

Pressure washing is the standard method. Soft washing uses less pressure than pressure washing. Power washing is essentially pressure washing but it uses hot water rather than cold or warm. To measure pressure, we have a unit that we call PSI. This PSI stands for pounds per square inch and the standard is 500 PSI. Pressure washing and power washing uses higher than 500 and can reach up to 4000. Soft washing, on the other hand, uses lower than 500.

Power Washing vs. Soft Washing

Pressure washing is for hard-to-clean surfaces, as well as power washing. The added bonus of power washing is its ability to sanitize. Soft washing are suited for more fragile surfaces.

To which, the amount of pressure that you will use will vary, depending on the surface you will clean. If, somehow, you used too much pressure or too low, it’s either you can’t clean the material right away or you damage the surface.


A component of a power washer called a ‘nozzle’ is used to adjust the water’s angle. It also lessens the pressure. A nozzle is labelled with different colors but they’re mostly referred to by the angle they provide. There are seven types of nozzles, but the main types narrow down to four.

Nozzles function by increasing the velocity of the water while also restricting its flow, and they create a variety of ways on how the water will shoot out of the pressure washer.

The main four are as the 0-degree, 15-degree, 25-degree and 40-degree nozzles. The wider the angle, the less pressure it shoots out since the area is increased.


Power Washing Services


Now, power washing services already provide you with the tools. A pressure washer and an effective cleaning solution. They will power wash a part of your house and move on to the next, however, they also apply products that can help quicken the process and to polish it.

Their service is extremely helpful for those who don’t have time in their hands. They do all of the dirty work for you and for a good price of 200 dollars. A good deal, no?
If your house is in need of cleaning, don’t hesitate to call a power washing service!

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