Pressure Washing

Yeah, pressure washing looks easy. But it’s far from that. Sure, it may seem like anyone could point the nozzle at a dirty surface and make it miraculously clean— but that’s not all there is to it. 

The wrong kind of power washing can do a lot of damage to your home. Maybe even higher than your power washing bill!

Just ‘good’ work isn’t enough if your property is at stake. It’s gotta be the best it can possibly be, dear readers. And not all ‘professionals’ (or so they claim to be) honor that. 

So how do we know your power washing company has your best interests at heart?

Ask them these. 

1. Are You Insured?

Our power washers are professionally trained and ever so capable. But we’re not immune to some hiccups that might happen here and there. Ask them if your property is insured in cases the power washing botches. And for any accidents that might occur to their employees, they won’t hold you liable.

2. Are The Technicians professionals?

They should be certified and intensively trained. For real, power washing machines are no joke. They could cause a lot more harm than good if they’re not careful (or not trained)

3. What do you do when we're not satisfied with your services?

In the service industry, nitpicking is a given, because it’s what you pay for. As long as it’s not unreasonable— companies should have some kind of guarantee in case you’re not happy. In turn, you should disclose what exactly you want them to do with your property. You’ll know what to expect— and there aren’t any miscommunications.

So if you want a power washing company that is every bit of a professional as they say they are, trust Tallahassee Pressure Washers. We’re the best pressure washing in Tallahassee. The best of all, we can answer all your questions easily. Call 8505186499.

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